Snugpak Sleeka Elite: A Review of the Best Jacket for -10 C Weather

The Snugpak Sleeka Elite is the jacket you need in your bug out bag, or in a survival kit. While your nice leather jacket may look great when going out to dinner, it will never be able to protect you from the elements in the long-term.

This is why so many people are choosing the Snugpak Sleeka Elite jacket as their favorite survival jacket.

If you’re sitting there wondering if your jacket will keep you warm in -10 C, the answer is no. You’ll be freezing, and if it rains, you’ll likely succumb to the elements as your jacket has no way to dry quickly and remain warm.

This is what the Snugpak jacket was designed to do – excel where others fail.

Let’s take a look at what really makes the Sleeka jacket special:

Snugpak is Designed for Rugged Use

Just like the Snugpak Elite sleeping bag, Snugpak really wanted to redesign the way that jackets performed. After all, a lot of the jackets on the market look great, but they don’t perform well outside – not for long. The Elite version was designed with reinforced patches in those weak areas that always seem to need added support:

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Cuffs
  • Stress points

And if you’re walking through thick brush, hiking up rugged terrain or even out camping, this is the design quality that you should be after. Think of all those times your jacket’s elbows or shoulder area has become worn or even ripped – it happens a lot.

The reinforced design corrects these common design failures for you.

Lightweight and Breathable

You don’t want to be outside wearing a jacket that’s heavier than a 10-year old to keep warm. No, you want something that is lightweight and won't make you sweat. The Elite weighs just 880 grams, and it’s breathable.

Featuring exceptional wicking properties, this jacket has a high-moisture transmission rate that keeps you dry when you’re active.

You won’t be drenched in sweat, and you won’t be cold either.

Designed for Extreme Weather Conditions

A jacket that is designed for extreme weather conditions must fit well, keep warm air in and cold air out, and adjust to fit you perfectly. The Snugpak Elite does this and more.

When the temperatures dip to -10 C, this jacket will keep you warm – that’s what it’s designed to do. And the neck adjuster allows for an overall better fit and aids in the insulation process of the jacket.

Keep in mind that this jacket is made with Paratex material. The goal of this material is to be able to be compressed to fit in your pack. Yet it’s also lightweight, dries quickly and fits just right. Did I mention that it’s actually insulated, too?

That’s right, the Snugpak Softie jacket is filled with Softie insulation.

I don’t want to get too technical here, but what really makes this insulation so special is that it can be compressed and unpacked without losing its thermal properties. Many survivalists will compress their jacket and place it in their survival pack so that it takes up less space until needed.

When you’re out in the wilderness and can only bring a small pack with you, this compression will be a welcomed addition, I promise you that.

Paratex Properties

The properties of a jacket’s material are really what matters most. The wrong properties can cause you to be cold, hot, wet or dry. And a lot of people don’t know what the Paratex material has to offer.

This material is built into the inner and outer fabric, and offers:

  • Highly windproof comfort
  • Water repellent
  • Wick moisture away from the source
  • Breathability

Paratex is a kind of Nylon.

Softie Insulation

An exclusive synthetic material is used to fill each Sleeka Elite. The softie material is 100% polyester, and small yarns are bound together with special resins to make the material feel like down.

Staple yarns are used so that the jacket’s insulation has a natural composition to insulate your jacket perfectly.

Size Options

There are six overall size options available:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL

The weight of the jackets ranges from 820g – 1140g. For anyone trying to do the math, this is 1.8 – 2.5 pounds in total.

And while the jacket comes in olive, it is reversible to show either a black or tan exterior. This allows you to blend in with the environment or stand out for added safety.

Snugpak Sleeka Elite is what survivalists rely on when they’re out in the wild. Perfect for cold winter nights, this jacket does one thing your normal jacket doesn’t: keep you warm at night. Even when temperatures dip to -10 C, you’ll be warm and toasty.

The ability to breakdown nicely and be compressed allows you to bring this jacket with you even when space is tight.

If there is one jacket every survivalist recommends when out in the wilderness, the Snugpak Sleek is the clear choice.

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