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Fallkniven A1 vs Fallkniven A2: A Review of the Two Best Survival Knives

Survival knives are a part of every survivalist’s arsenal. Knives are small, compact and deadly, but a survival knife can be used for so much more. Defense and protection is a given, but knives can be used for prying, chopping and even batoning.

The Fallkniven A1 survival knife is a staple, but with the introduction of the Fallkniven A2, it becomes difficult to determine which knife is the right choice for you.

Fallkniven A1 Review

The A1 survival knife is far more affordable than the A2 at around $195 – a steal for a knife of this quality. Where the A1 truly excels is the quality of the construction. Even the Fallkniven A1 sheath is made of top-quality material to really push this knife to a new level.

Let’s break down this knife piece by piece, so you know what you’re working with:

Fixed Blade Knife

A fixed blade with a full tang allows for the utmost in quality (your blade and handle will never separate). And the bottom of the blade goes through the handle so that it can be used as a baton.

If you’re trying to break something open or crack a nut, this will be of use.

A kraton handle is included, which is comfortable and well-balanced. What makes this handle material so special is that it allows for a maximum grip in all weather conditions, including the rain. This level of grip is far safer than the competition, and is the preferred choice for survivalists and hunters.

Blade Length and Type

The blade spans 6.3” in length and features a drop point. This length puts this blade in the mid-size range, but everything about it is near perfect. When holding the blade, you’ll note the balance is one of the best in the industry.

The blade is also 1/4” thick, which allows you to chop or split wood with greater ease.

Blade Material and Point

The blade is made of VG-10 stainless steel. This is short for V Gold 10. Offering a high carbon content, this blade material is stainless steel. It's often used in cutlery in Japan because it’s immensely sharp, holds an edge well, and can withstand repeated used without an issue.

The manufacturer uses a laminated VG-10 for the majority of their knives because it’s proven to be superior for sport.

Drop point blades are common for hunters, and this knife features a slope at the spine of the blade to the tip. This slope allows for some portions of the blade to be thicker and stronger, making it a good option for hunting or survival.

What’s really special about this knife is that it’s time-tested. Offered by one of the industry’s leading knife manufacturers, you’ll find a plethora of reviews for the Fallkniven A1 as well as information from long-term users.

It’s a knife that is made to last through the most rigorous of uses – and that’s what you want in a survival or hunting knife.

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Fallkniven A2 Review

The A2 can be seen as the next step up from the A1. And you’ll see what makes this knife so different from the A1. One major difference between these two blades is the price you’ll pay for each. The A1 is far cheaper than the A2, which is sold for around $320.

So if you’re on a tighter budget, it may be best to go with the A1 – it’s still a great knife.

But the A2 does feature some outstanding features and specs that are really too hard to ignore.

Fixed Blade

The blade is full-tang, meaning that the blade goes from the point of the blade through the handle so that if the handle does break, you can still use the knife. Ultimately, full tang blades are the strongest, most reliable option on the market.

Survivalists don’t often choose folding blades because they can and do break – something that is unacceptable when out in the wild.

A small portion of the metal also protrudes from the bottom of the handle so that it can be used for hammering or as a baton.

Blade Length and Type

This blade also features a drop point. The blade itself is far longer at just under 8” in length, with the full length, including the handle, being 12.8”. This is really where these knives differentiate from each other.

As you can imagine, the longer overall length of the knife allows for chopping and long-distance safety.

If you want the best hunting knife, the A2 should be at the top of your list because it’s length and lightweight design make it a knife that can be used at a distance.

Blade Material and Point

Offering a drop-point blade, this knife is created with VG-10 stainless steel, allowing it to be equally as durable and sharp as the A1. The drop-point design holds the same advantages as the A1’s blade as discussed before.

A leather sheath is offered, and a kraton handle, too.

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Comparing the A1 and A2

Since these knives are made by the same company, the designs are nearly identical. The weight of the A2 is a little heavier due to its longer blade, but the material and blade type are exactly the same, making your decision a difficult one.

The main difference has to do with length:

  • A1: Blade length of 6.3" and a total length of 11"
  • A2: Blade length of 7.3" and a total length of 12.8"

Your habits and usage will dictate which knife is the best choice for you based off of these metrics. The longer blade allows for chopping and long-range defense, while the shorter blade is a little better for prying and close range defense and combat.

Both knives are a great choice, but if you have the money, the A2 is slightly more versatile and the length will be a welcomed addition over the A1.