5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

One of the most important items on your survival gear list is definitely a backpack. Some people would probably say that you could get away with any type of backpack as your survival pack, but they are definitely not right. The reason is simple – you must have a high-quality backpack to keep your survival items safe, dry and accessible. All the survival items need to have a good “stash” or a place where you will put them so you can get to them when needed. Therefore, a backpack is a place where you don't look to save money. Save your money and buy a proper backpack and pack it with everything you will need for your outdoor adventures. Here, we will present a great backpack that many people consider as one of the best outdoor hiking/survival backpacks you can buy. We will talk about general specifications, and I will present my personal experience with this backpack. Another essential survival tool is a water filter. We also review the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – a survival tool that must be included in your everyone's survival list. You can read our review of the Lifestraw filter here.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack offers a safe and high-quality backpack that is great for both amateur and professional outdoor action. It has a capacity of 37 liters. Designers thought of the idea that you might need some extra storage, so the designers decided to give it enough room in case you are professional hiker or prepper, and you need enough room for your survival gear. It has one large main compartment that has three interior mesh pockets – one for easier organizing of smaller accessories that you don’t need all the time, hydration pocket for your liquid so you can drink it while you are moving and sunglasses pocket, which provides a safe storage for your sunglasses in case you don’t need them.

The backpack is made of 1050D durable nylon, while the coating of the backpack is water repellant. Hiking during heavy rainfalls would not be a problem and all your gear inside the backpack will remain dry. With an adjustable height sternum strap and two external compression straps, this tactical backpack is comfortable and while giving you extra storage for your survival gear. This is why it is reasonably considered one of the best tactical backpacks.


The Rush 24 backpack has side pockets with double zip access, a large pocket with integrated cord for expanding the backpack for more storage and secured straps for stable and comfortable carrying. This comes in handy when your backpack is full and you are walking fast – just tighten the belt, put the straps around and you are good to go. The main compartment is 20”x12.5”x8”, which is pretty big and enough for your survival clothing, Gerber knives or any other survival items. The backpack is really made for tactical purposes, although it can serve as a great second choice for preppers or outdoor activists. Molle/5.11 SlickStick System allows you to customize the size of your storage – expanding it and customizing according to your needs and your wishes. The backpack also has reinforced grab-and-go handle, which is convenient if you need your backpack to be in more reachable position. A water bottle pocket is also found on this great backpack – just make sure that your bottle isn’t too big for the compartment/pocket. For easier recognition, the backpack has loop nametape and flag patches. The last thing you want is to lose your pack with your survival gear.

Personal Review

I bought this backpack not so long ago, although I was skeptical a bit regarding the quality. I’m not some hardcore outdoor traveler or prepper, but I definitely love to spend time outdoors. The 5.11 Rush Backpack offers me everything I need – it has enough space for the basic survival gear, it is waterproof and compact, plus it has few features that some of the best survival brands don’t have. I even ended up buying another one and dropped it into my SUV so I don’t have to think whether I have all the gear all need with me when I go outside. I bought the second one at an auction, where I also got bear grylls knife and some other outstanding gerber gear, like mini compass with flintstone firestarter.

In conclusion, the backpack is really good. You really do get what you pay for. I would even say – it definitely is worth buying regardless of your needs. I even tried going into water with the backpack, and everything was dry after I came out. I didn’t go deeper than 2 meters, but still I was very satisfied it would hold up in wet weather. I love this pack and think you will too.