Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife

Having a good knife is essential if you are thinking of preparing a serious survival kit. You may think that a knife is a knife, but you'd be surprised by the differences between an everyday knife and a certified or quality-approved one. In an emergency or survival situation, a knife can be a line between life and  death, Picking a good knife can be difficult if you don't know anything about them. I have heard great things about Bear Grylls knives so I was eager to try one out. I'm happy to say that I've owned the Gerber Bear Grylls serrated knife for a season and it has proven its value in several situations. Those situations re-enforced the fact that it is very important for your survival items to be the highest quality.

The Grylls seratted knife comes with a comfortable, mold-rubbered grip that is designed for firm and secure grip, that won't slide in your hand while cutting wood or doing other vigorous activities. The knife itself is made of carbon stainless steel, which is essential to retain edge retention. The rubber grip texture ensures comfort and prevents the knife from slipping out of your hand. Gerber knives are well-known for their strength and firmness, meaning that you will have no problems with cutting even the thickest wood. Another cool addition of this knife is the inclusion of a whistle! 

Although it sounds kind of silly at first glance, this small useful tool can be the difference between life and death. Therefore you should not underestimate the importance of whistle. The next thing that I love has become  a trademark for these Gerber Bear Grylls knives; a built-in fire starter. The fire starter is made from a ferrocerium rod, which is cleverly incorporated into the back of knife blade. No matter where you are, as long as you have your knife with you, you will be able to start a fire – it also has enough space for kindling. The sheath of knife is made of nylon, preventing mildew growth. This knife also comes with a manual that covers land-to-air rescue instructions and a detailed pocket-guide inspired by Bear Grylls. This knife also has a diamond sharpener, which is integrated into sheath. It has come in very handy as you can sharpen your knife while you relaxing or are on-the-go. This knife is packed with handy features making it a compact, efficient and trustworthy addition to your survival gear pack.


As an avid outdoorsman, I was on a quest for a good knife that provides safety and security, while not costing me a small fortune. This knife has been a dream and with the added extra features that are incorporated makes this survival item a winner. The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is a total of 10” in overall length, 4.8” of that is the blade. The nice grayish-orange coloration gives it stylish and elegant look, but at the same time retains the military-survival outlook. One other thing I wanted to mention is that the knife, while in sheath, stands firmly and you don’t have to fear that you will lose it somewhere. This fixed knife is extremely useful for backpackers, survivalists, military geeks and amateur outdoor activists – due to its compactness and relatively small size. I have tried cutting many items such as rope and wood and have had no problems at all. Plus I tried sharpening it using diamond sharpener and it worked like a charm. I also used it to start a fire couple of times during my camping trips without any problems. I didn't even have to pull out my usual fire starter. This knife makes many tasks easier and should be a standard part of your survival gear.